Voices of Kailahun – The Video


Umaru Aruna’s story, blacksmith, Kailahun Town, Kailahun District

At 38 years old, Umaru is a quiet, patient man, with a soft voice and a gentle smile.  He runs a successful blacksmiths business in Kailahun Town, with a large wooden building in… Continue reading

Babie Anthony’s story, soap maker, weaver and gara tie-dyer, Kailahun Town, Kailahun District

Babie Anthony has lived in Kailahun Town for eight years, having moved there from a nearby village when her husband was offered a better job in the town.  She lives in a simple… Continue reading

Jeneba Gobeh’s story, hairdresser and trainer, Kailahun Town, Kailahun District

Jeneba Gobeh laughs with her customers as she works on their hair, snipping, smoothing and weaving at A-Z Salon.  Jeneba has a small hairdresser’s shop, filled with supplies and trainees, who practice manicuring… Continue reading

Malikie Kanneh’s story, Kailahun Town, Kailahun District

Malikie Kanneh is a friendly, chatty young man who has trained to be a mechanic at a busy garage in Kailahun Town.  The garage is a simple hut, but bustles with motorbike taxis… Continue reading

Momoh Lansana’s story, blacksmith trainee, Kailahun Town, Kailahun District

Momoh is training to be a blacksmith at the Artisan Blacksmith Workshop in Kailahun, run by Umaru Aruna [also a case study subject].  He is a serious, quiet man, and has been training… Continue reading

Faiyah Morie’s story, mechanic trainer, Koindu Town, Kailahun District

Faiyah Morie is a bashful man with large, oil-stained hands and a slow, easy smile.  His workshop in Koindu consists of a small, palm-roofed hut, under which taxi motorbike riders huddle to keep… Continue reading

Mary Sesay’s story, gara tie-dyer trainer, Koindu Town, Kailahun District

Mary Sesay is a highly experienced and successful gara tie-dyer, living in the remote eastern town of Koindu, on the border with Guinea and Liberia.  Her enigmatic face hints at many memories from… Continue reading